Great Careers

Watch JBU graduate Kimberly Durrett talk about alumni who have landed awesome jobs.


Kimberly Durrett (Graduate): Hi, I'm Kimberly Durrett and I'm a graduate of John Brown University with a degree in broadcasting. As an actor and a writer I can tell you firsthand that JBU offers excellent preparation for great careers. Ranked number one by U.S. News and World Report among southern colleges JBU is a launching pad for career success. 86% of recent JBU graduates said in a survey they now have a job related to their major. Let's look up some JBU grads online and see what they've been doing with their degrees. Christa Hansen Singleton, a Biology grad is studying the effects of stress during pregnancy on the baby as a research technician at the Health Sciences Center for the University of Oklahoma. Kyler Smith's degree was in Biblical and Theological Studies and now as a children's pastor, he works with kids to give them a foundation of faith early in their lives. Melody Miller, a broadcasting grad, is on air every day in the studio of family friendly radio, WIVI, in Illinois. What is Meghan Menhennet building now? She graduated with a Construction Management degree and is now a project engineer for Flintco Constructive Solutions. Dan Yoder, a pre-med grad, is helping people see better with opthamology. as a partner in North Carolina's Looking Glass Eye Center. Well maybe I should go see Dan. Mariali Paz De Leon, originally from Guatemala, is a Graphic Design Graduate working for shopper marketing agency leader Saatchi & Saatchi X as a senior art director. You probably see her work every time you go to Wal Mart. College is a major investment of time and resources. You want to go to a university that will point you in the direction of a promising career. JBU: great careers start here.