Become: Hands On

See how JBU's education applies theory to the real world.


Narrator: You are going to spend a lot of time at college filling your brain, but what about these? At John Brown University, our Head, Heart and Hand philosophy means that professors are committed not only to teaching knowledge, but also to training students with real world hands on applications. Engineers build robots for NASA competitions. Communications Majors broadcast live on our very own radio station, KLRC. Teachers learn best practices in public school classrooms. Business Majors create real business plans that win big at Enactus and The Governors Cup. Biology students don't learn anatomy from pictures, but from cadavers. Construction Managment teams build houses that are sold on the real estate market. Musicians perform. Bible students teach. Film makers shoot. Graphic Designers create. JBU has nearly 50 majors to choose from. Each designed to give students a hands on experience to help them become great in their future careers. Counselors. Physicist. Journalist. Artist. What will you become?