J. Alvin Announcement

J. Alvin Renovation Announcement - Thursday, Feb. 7, 9pm

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President Chip Pollard: Last week we got a 3 million dollar gift to renovate both the wings of J. Alvin. It’s going to cost us 5 and a half million dollars, we still need 2 and a half, but with 3 million we are going to get started. We are going to get started today. Next year –
Student: Is there any way we can say thank you to the donor, send an email, or... write this person a letter?
President Chip Pollard: Yeah! Sure. They donor wants to remain anonymous just because he doesn’t want the attention drawn to himself. He is really committed to what happens, particularly through guys in this place. And he really wants - he even said to me in his last email- he really would love to have people that lived-
All Students: J.Alvin Rules! Thank you!