Computer Labs

Technology to Help You Succeed at JBU

We know that technology is an important part of your lives, so JBU has many computer labs around campus and in each residence hall for your convenience.




Each computer lab has a printer (or copier) so you can print your papers, notes, or other class documents using your student account. Using our Cloud Print service, you can print from your laptop in your dorm room, and pick up your paper at one of the labs on your way to class. We have specialty computer labs in the Wingate Art Buildings and the Balzer Technology Center that are equipped with the software that you will need to complete projects for your major. 

The Library, in the Learning Resource Center, also has three collaborative spaces for you to work on group projects with your classmates. For your convenience, the Help Desk is also located in the Library. It's easy to just stop by and ask for help. We have Macs and PCs available for your use across campus for work and for play. You can also bring your laptop, tablet, smart phone, and smart TV with you. As a student, you will have access to Wi-Fi all over campus, and we can help you set it up. See our FAQ page for more details on what to bring to campus.