Student Accounts Services

Navigating Your Student Financial Account

You may contact Student Accounts Services by email or phone. Due to physical distancing, email is our preferred method of communication.

If you wish to schedule a video meeting or in person meeting, please email or call Student Accounts Services. We will respond promptly to your inquiries.  


Review Your Account

Review your charges, payments and financial aid through EagleNet Student Account. Review your online account regularly. You may make online payments by e-check or payment card. 

For helpful videos, click here. 

Fall Term Charges are due August 24

If you prefer the installment schedule instead of payment in full, you may enroll in a Payment Plan schedule with these due dates: 

Sep 5, Oct 5, Nov 5, and Dec 5

5% APR interest accrues on plan balances. The payment due dates are for minimum payments. You may pay additional amounts or pay in full at any time.

Textbook Butler OneFee

Textbook Butler OneFee will be billed on the first day of classes. If you subsequently have registration changes, your OneFee will be adjusted accordingly. Please see the Tree of Life Bookstore FAQ pages for more information on Textbook Butler.


Account Questions?  479-524-7398

Payment Questions? 479-524-7120