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Do I have to attend Orientation?

YES! Orientation is a great way for you to connect with people and transition into life at JBU!

Aren't Eagle Base Camp and Orientation the same?

Not at all! Orientation is your transition into JBU right before classes begin, and it's mandatory! Orientation is filled with games, laughter, and lots of information to make your years at JBU successful. Plus, you will meet other incoming students! Eagle Base Camp is an event in June where you can register early for classes, find a potential roommate, and meet other incoming students. 

Do you have a special orientation for Internationals and Missionary Kids (MKs)?

Yes! Our International Office has a full international and MK orientation just for you. It is in the few days prior to New Student Orientation. For more information, contact Ruby Bowles at or (479) 524-7108.

Do transfers need to attend Orientation?

Yes! We want all new students to participate in Orientation. Transfers have specific events during the schedule that they can choose to attend to meet other transfer and get their quesitons answered. Although you may have had Orientation at a previous school, JBU Orientation is a chance for you to get connected to the people and places that make JBU great!

Can I move-in early?

Unless you have an unusual circumstance, the answer is no. The staff is busily preparing for new students and won't be ready for you to move into your dorm until 4pm on Friday. 

What if I can't move in on Friday night?

We strongly request you to move in on Friday evening. If there are extenuating circumstances such as a family trip, medical condition, etc, then please contact our Residence Life Office at (479) 524-7229.

Do parents need to come to Orientation?

Yes! The cook-out on Friday night after move-in is for students & their families. We would love for them to join us for all the events on Saturday. We have a special farewell service on Saturday at 2pm. After this, Orientation as it is specifically designed for just new students.

Where can my parents stay?

Click here for a list of accommodations in the area.

How do I get to Siloam Springs?

Click here for driving directions from large area cities like Dallas, Kansas City, and Tulsa.

Can you pick me up from the Airport? Is there shuttle service from the airport?

We do not pick students up from the airport. You can contact Express Shuttle +1 (866) 535-0127 which provides service at Northwest Arkansas Regional Airport (XNA) and Tulsa International Airport for a reasonable fee.

Which residence hall am I in?

Housing letters will be sent out after Eagle Base Camp with residence hall and roommate information. If you do not receive a letter, contact your Admissions counselor or the Residence Life Office (479) 524-7229.

Where do I go after arriving on campus?

If you DID NOT attend Eagle Base Camp, head to Simmons Great Hall for registration at your specific time.

For on-campus students, move-in will begin at 4:00pm and you an go directly to your residence hall, get checked in with the residence life staff and begin moving in! A packet of information will be in your room.

If you are a commuter, Orientation check-in is on Saturday morning at the Cathdral Plaza. 

I am a commuter. What do I do?

If you are a commuter we want you to participate in Orientation! This process of Orientation is for ALL new students to JBU. Your Orientation groups are connections for you on campus as well as your classmates from your Gateway class. This is a chance for you to get connected to the people and places that make JBU great!

Why a tentative Orientation schedule?

We want you to have the best, up-to-date information, so we will be changing the schedule as changes are made. Once you get to campus, you will receive a final updated schedule with all kinds of specific information. You should use only the final, printed schedule during the events of orientation. For on campus students, this schedule will be in your room upon check-in. Commuters will receive their schedule on Saturday morning at check-in. 

What is the dress code for Orientation?

Orientation is a casual event, so wear comfortable, casual clothing. 

When can I set up my room?

We have allowed several hours on Friday evening and Saturday, as well as any free times!

What are the dimensions of my room? What size of sheets do I need? Where is my room located?

Click here for answers regarding the size of your room to what size of sheets to bring.

How do I register my car?

Click here to fill-out the Campus Safety Automobile Registration form.

May I change my meal plan?

Meal plans may be changed the first two weeks of classes. Login to EagleNet to change your meal plan options. 

Is there a calendar online?

Yes, go to our calendar webpage. 

Where can I ask for more information?

During Orientation, there will be an Information Desk located in the Walker Student Center. You can also come by the Student Development Office inside the Walker Student Center. Just stop by, we love to answer questions!

If you have questions before arriving, you can contact the Coordinator of Orientation, Sarah Erdman at or 479-524-7133. 

Why is there an Orientation fee?

In order to cover expenses (especially food) we charge a small fee for Orientation. The fee is $125 and will be applied directly to your student account.

What if I have extenuating circumstances and cannot attend Orientation?

Call Don Crandall (479) 524-7150 in the Admissions office to obtain a waiver.