Textbook Information

Learn how to purchase books for your online courses

Textbooks may be obtained through the JBU Bookstore or on your own. 

If you choose to purchase your books through the JBU Bookstore and have accepted enough federal aid (grants and loans) to cover the cost of books and tuition, a book voucher will be issued to the JBU Bookstore to purchase your books and required supplies.

If you choose to purchase books from another source, note that any financial aid amount you accept above the cost of tuition and fees will not disburse until after you have attempted six hours of credit at JBU. This means that you’ll be responsible for paying for your books out of pocket, at least for the first three courses.

To find out what books you'll need, see course schedules. Use the drop-down menu under "JBU Online Course Lists" to select your term, then click "View." Click on your course title, and your textbook title(s), author(s) and ISBN numbers will be listed.

Purchasing from the JBU Bookstore

The JBU Bookstore is owned and operated by Follett Corporation.

If purchasing through the bookstore, you will have three options: (1) purchase new books; (2) purchase used books (if available); or (3) rent books (if available). On average, used textbooks can be purchased for about 75% of a new textbook price, and textbooks can be *rented for about half of the price of purchasing new textbooks.

*Renting textbooks requires a valid credit card that can be charged should the book(s) not be returned. Students who wish to rent textbooks must register on the website here.

If you are planning to purchase textbooks from the JBU Bookstore, visit http://www.bkstr.com/johnbrownstore/home.

  1. Click on Books
  2. Select your program: JBU Online Undergraduate
  3. Select your term of entry
  4. Select your department: Course prefix (on your class schedule)
  5. Select your course:  Course number (on your class schedule)
  6. Select your section:  Course section (on your class schedule)

You will need to select your preferences for each book required for each section and add to your online shopping cart. Once finished, you will need to set up your customer account with eFollett (similar to shopping online at sites like Amazon.com).


NOTE: Students are required to have textbooks in hand on the first date of class. No exceptions will be made or assignment deadlines changed because of failure to order books in time for class.