JBU Announces Renewable Energy Major

Siloam Springs, Ark. (October 28, 2008) - John Brown University is pleased to announce the addition of a Bachelor of Science degree in Renewable Energy beginning fall 2009. JBU is the first university to offer a renewable energy degree in Arkansas and one of only a few U.S. institutions offering a four-year degree in this field.

“Renewable energy sources are becoming an important share of the mainstream energy supply in the United States,” said Fernando Vega, director of the renewable energy program. “Economic, political, and environmental concerns are among the drivers contributing to this rapid growth. The scientific and engineering communities are being pushed for breakthroughs in this area. JBU is developing this program and will be seeking to integrate sustainability topics into other curricula to match the demands of this emerging trend.”

JBU’s program in renewable energy will include courses in wind, solar and biomass energy, practical experience in designing, construction, monitoring renewable energy generators, and possible related study abroad opportunities. Students will choose between one of three focuses within the renewable energy degree: design, management and international development.

JBU’s renewable energy program will study the growing worldwide demand for conservation and energy efficiency, increasing energy costs, environmental benefits of renewable sources of energy generation, climate change/global warming, and its importance as an aspect of Christian stewardship.

The program will be an interdisciplinary program that builds on some of JBU’s established programs, including science, engineering, intercultural studies and business.

Dr. Cal Piston, Chair of the Division of Natural Science said, “We are very excited to have a cutting-edge program like this. We have the expertise and experience here to run a great program for students who are interested in entering the field of renewable energy and look forward to an enthusiastic start to the program next fall.”

Those interested in learning more about the details of the renewable energy program at JBU can get detailed information at www.jbu.edu/majors/renewable_energy/ or by calling 877-JBU-INFO.

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