JBU Releases Fall Enrollment Report

Siloam Springs, Ark. (September 14, 2005) - According to the “11th Day Report,” John Brown University has 1,914 students enrolled for the 2005-2006 academic year.

The 2005 enrollment figures break down into: 1,199 traditional undergraduates, 470 continuing adult education students (Advance Program), and 245 graduate students.

Graduate Studies saw the most improvement with their numbers gaining 30 more graduate students than last year. Advance numbers appeared as if they had declined, however, they are expected to climb in the next two weeks when new student cohort groups start.

“The Advance Program does not follow a semester-based calendar so the ‘11th Day Report’ varies from year to year depending on when new cohorts begin,” Dr. Richard Ellis, dean of graduate and professional studies said. “This fall a number of new cohorts will begin in late September after the official 11th Day cut-off. Overall, we are anticipating enrollment growth for the Advance Program this year.”

Traditional undergraduates saw a decline by 33 students. The decrease in traditional undergraduate students may be a result of a number of factors that include tuition rates, a lower number of inquires, and a problem with the online application system. The application problem resulted in the loss of approximately 100 applications.

“The decline this year could be a result of several factors, however, we don’t expect the decline to become a trend,” Don Crandall, vice president for enrollment said.

To combat the decrease in traditional enrollment, JBU will launch several new marketing initiatives that include increasing our inquiry and application pools, giving prospective students more one-on-one attention with admissions counselors, focusing more marketing and recruiting efforts on our six-state primary region, increasing our electronic communication and services with prospective students, and launching a new student scholarship program.

“This new scholarship program is very innovative in that it gives the responsibility of awarding the scholarship to those who know prospective students best, people like youth leaders, camp leaders, and school counselors.” Crandall said. “We hope that this new program brings some of the best students to campus, not just for enrollment purposes, but for the purpose of preparing the leaders of tomorrow. We also hope to build stronger relationships with key churches and schools.”

Digital media, business administration, and teacher education, remain among the top undergraduate majors. Six graduate degrees are offered in the areas of business, counseling and ministry.

A total of 839 students live on the JBU campus, while the remaining students are drawn from the surrounding community.

Last year JBU’s total enrollment was 1,947 which breaks down into: 1,215 traditional undergraduates, 517 continuing adult education (Advance Program), and 215 graduate students.

John Brown University is a private Christian university, ranked sixth by U.S. News & World Report in the Southern Region. JBU enrolls more than 1,900 students from 43 states and 39 countries. JBU is a member of Arkansas’ Independent Colleges and Universities and the Council for Christian Colleges and Universities.

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