Treasure and Heart at JBU

“For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also.” Matt 6:21

By Dr. Jim Krall
6/28/2018 4:47:43 PM

I know the heart of so many JBU alumni and friends are with JBU, because they have given so generously of their treasure. When I think of who is blessed by such giving, I think of students like Avery.

Avery was a normal high school girl until 2008, when a horrific car accident split her family in half, taking her father, older sister and younger brother. Her mother struggled to provide. Avery Dr. Jim Krallknew that she wanted to attend JBU, but her now-single income family would need help.

Avery received the treasure of scholarships, and with it, the treasure of a Christian education in a community committed to her healing and growth. Now, she continues to pursue her dream of becoming an elementary teacher, willing to go where the Lord leads because she says He has “always proven Himself trustworthy.”

For so many of you, students like Avery are your treasures; your heart is with those who struggle, yet trust the Lord to provide.

I am so grateful for the support of alumni, parents, friends, foundations and corporations that support JBU. The generosity for JBU students is overwhelming.

Gifts to build buildings fund programs and provide scholarships for students, enabling them to attend JBU and receive a high quality Christian education. Without your faithful generosity, JBU would not have near the impact it has on students.

One of the significant student impact opportunities for giving at JBU is the JBU Scholarship Fund. The JBU Scholarship Fund is an annual fund that provides need-based scholarships to students like Avery, who might not otherwise be able to afford the quality education that JBU provides.

While JBU seeks to remain affordable (out of 79 reporting CCCU schools, JBU is the 16th most affordable), many students need scholarships in order to attend. Savings, summer jobs and family funds cannot always provide all the resources needed, and JBU seeks to not burden students with excessive debt upon graduation.

All of us support state higher education institutions through our tax dollars, but I recognize and am grateful that you choose to support JBU through your charitable giving. Thank you for your heartfelt support and sharing your treasure with JBU.

So, when you receive a letter or email, or get a call from a student about the JBU scholarship fund, I encourage you to consider how you can help a student through your gift to the JBU Scholarship Fund. Your gift becomes an act of investing in a life, an investment of lasting importance.

Every gift is important; give as you are led and able. A university’s health is measured by a number of standards, among them alumni participation. Therefore, giving back to your alma mater sends a message to major givers and the media saying that JBU alumni care for, are engaged with and support the university.

These treasures multiply as students prepare to enter the world as ambassadors for Christ, able to reach further than before due to the treasured gift of higher education.


Dr. Jim Krall is vice president for university advancement.


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