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Learn the Spanish language and culture.

In the Spanish major, you develop a high level of skill in listening, reading, speaking and writing the Spanish language. You will also study and develop an appreciation of the diversity of populations who speak the Spanish language. The program includes a semester of immersive study in either Spain or Ecuador.

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Enjoy cultural diversity

JBU is one of three schools in the U.S. that partners with the Walton International Scholars Program for Central American students to earn a bachelor’s degree from JBU.

Engage with Spanish

The Spanish department utilizes a variety of tools and experiences to help students learn the technical grammar and broad verbiage of Spanish and also experience the Spanish culture through several international events and trips.  

Bolster your degree

The Spanish degree is designed for double majoring and is compatible with various JBU programs, making it easier for you to double major and graduate in four years. Set yourself apart in the job market by being bilingual.

What to expect as a Spanish student at JBU

Study abroad in Spain

Immerse yourself in Spanish culture for a semester in Seville: live with a Spanish family, take classes from native professors and learn through excursions and service all for JBU credit.


Learn from brilliant faculty

The Spanish faculty are dedicated to giving students a full and rich experience and are enthusiastic about teaching students not just the hard, concrete verbiage and grammar of Spanish but also the beautiful side of the culture as well.

Celebrate Hispanic heritage

Celebrate Hispanic heritage by participating in a series of events during the month of October that highlights Hispanic traditions involving music, food, film and culture as a whole.

Knowing Spanish has proven invaluable because it opens doors to opportunities in work and my personal life. While my passion for Spanish began in high school, studying it at JBU only increased my desire to learn this beautiful language. JBU's Spanish program not only taught me the mechanics of the language, but I also learned so much about Latin America's rich history and culture. Overall, I can assure you that you will never be bored studying Spanish at JBU.

Shelby Reynolds '19

What can you do with a Spanish degree?

Students in the Spanish department have many chances to immerse themselves in the language to launch them into the careers they want.


Courts, short-term missionaries and event speakers are just some of the people you could work with in translation services.


The government hires people who can speak Spanish because they want people who are trained in cross-cultural communication. 


Translate books, magazines, and newspapers so Spanish literature can reach English speakers and vice versa. 

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