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Understand human behavior with psychology.

In the psychology major, you'll be grounded in the core tenets of the discipline of psychology while gaining practical training and experience through supervised field experiences. The program emphasizes a consistent and intentional integration of a Christian worldview. You'll graduate prepared both for graduate training in psychology and for service in a variety of community mental health, church-based and other social service settings.

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Develop your mindset

Students majoring in psychology learn to think critically, write effectively and understand the big picture of why and how people think and act the way they do. JBU encourages students to integrate the science of psychology with their faith and theology, providing a more holistic perspective on human nature. 

Study fascinating topics

The psychology major provides students with multiple opportunities to research and study facets of human nature that intrigue them and supports students with resources and outlets if they want to publish their research. 

Tailor your degree

Choose an emphasis of study such as child and adolescent development, social justice, wilderness counseling or intercultural studies to learn more about your interests.

Study how the mind works at JBU.

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What to expect as a psychology student at JBU


Publish your research

As a psychology student, you can submit your capstone empirical research project for publication in the psychology department's online journal of undergraduate research: Initial Forays in Psychological Science.

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Get field experience

You'll gain field experience through placements in a variety of off-campus organizations and ministries where you observe professionals in their fields.


Work with accessible professors

JBU’s psychology professors actively challenge you to consider the relationship between biblical truth and psychological truth through rigorous coursework and research projects.

4+2 = M.S. in Counseling

Stand out among job applicants and expand your marketability.

Go farther, faster! At JBU, our Accelerated Master's Program lets you finish your undergraduate psychology degree and your master's degree in just six years (vs. seven) — saving you money and setting you up for even more success.

What can you do with a psychology degree?

JBU equips students with the necessary resources to launch them into their chosen vocation with a foundation that prepares them for a broad range of careers.

Go to graduate school

You may choose to advance in a particular area of interest by attending graduate school. Advanced degrees are required for many careers in psychology.

Pursue health professions

Study of psychological science prepares students for work in medical and allied health fields. Psychology majors often go on to medical school (double-majoring in pre-med) and pursue graduate training in allied health professions such as occupational and physical therapies and speech pathology.

Work in organizational research and evaluation

You can do this type of work for community centers, hospitals, adoption agencies, rehabilitation centers or camp programs. As a psychology major, you research data and write extensively, which is exactly what these positions require.

Work for the Department of Human Services

Many DHS departments look for graduates who have a background in psychology to work as case managers for nonprofit or for-profit organizations, daycare providers, halfway homes, youth/adult/senior citizen's programs or group homes.

Go to law school

Majoring in a liberal arts field like psychology combines well with a degree in law, as you learn to read extensively while maintaining knowledge of overall ideas, creating cohesive arguments and finding research to back their arguments.

Add a major

Given the nature of the work and course load of the psychology degree, many students double-major in psychology and another degree of their choice to specialize their education. Many have added majors like political science, Spanish, mathematics and intercultural studies. 

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