Major in Photography

Learn different mediums • Use the latest gear • Become a pro photographer

Learn how to take powerful photographs.

Anyone can be a "photographer," but studying photography at JBU will allow you to become visually literate, train your eye for good photos, find ways to make concepts into photographs and give you an array of education from darkroom and film to lighting well in the studio.

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Master camera settings

The program prepares students to work with digital as well as conventional tools, starting with teaching all students how to use the manual setting on their camera well. Courses include introduction to photography, lighting for photography and traditional darkroom.

Master your medium

Whether it's lighting consumer products, taking high fashion photos, telling someone's story through photos, shooting film or developing photos in the darkroom - JBU will equip you and familiarize you with the skills and tools used in the vast realm of photography.

Gain professional skills

JBU photography alumni are fully prepared to work in marketing, editing, fashion and many other photography avenues. 

Capture the world around you.

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What to expect as a photography student at JBU


Work in fantastic facilities

Our photo gear, photography studio and darkrooms are like none other in Arkansas, Oklahoma or Texas. Learn in our three art buildings that include two three-story facilities featuring classrooms, two galleries, a photo studio, MAC labs and a printmaking workshop. 


Display your art

Every year, seniors display their best work for potential employers, like Hallmark, Walmart, Saatchi and Saatchi X and Acumen Brands at the JBU Portfolio Show. They also have a chance to display work in the student gallery for the local community to come and see.


Travel the world

Summer Studies trips provide opportunities for students to visit world-famous art collections in Europe, take photo classes in places like Berlin or New Zealand and more.

4+1 = MBA

Stand out among job applicants and expand your marketability.

Go farther, faster! At JBU, our Accelerated Master's Program lets you finish your undergraduate photography degree and your master's degree in just five years — saving you money and setting you up for even more success.

What can you do with a photography degree?

Students graduate from the photography program equipped to tackle any profession they want to pursue.

Fashion photography

Fashion photographers are called upon to conceptualize and direct photoshoots. Often these photographs are intended for publication and advertisement for specific designers and product lines.

Editorial photography

Photographers illustrate a story or an idea within the context of a publication, particularly that of a magazine, newspaper or online publication. 

Event Photography

This type of photography captures a myriad of events (weddings, birthdays, baby showers, bar mitzvahs, wedding anniversaries, parties) and simple family or child photos for sentimental records.

Food photography

Food photographers must be masters of light and technique in order to create appealing images of food for advertisements, brochures and menus. 

Still life photography

Still life photographers focus on capturing inanimate objects such as scenery and architecture.

Crime scene photography

Photographers in this field are required to know how to use an infrared camera for the sake of evidence documentation.

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