John Brown University's Photography program offers hands on experience both in and out of the classrooms. Students begin building a professional portfolio, with the goal of presenting that work during their senior year at the senior portfolio show. Students also have the opportunity to go on a European Art Tour or a Summer Studies Trip. Professional artists are invited to lecture and display their works in the Art Gallery, which exposes students to the professional art industry and provides grounds for discussion.

JBU offers its photography students access to two traditional darkrooms, three photography studios, two fully equipped computer labs, as well as the latest photographic equipment through our checkout lab.  Photography is a powerful means of visual expression, which is why students begin by learning basic techniques like exposure, composition and formal aesthetics before moving onto more complex forms of visual literacy and artistic critique.

Courses like darkroom, lighting, fine art photography, social documentary photography, commercial studio photography, history of photography and an internship provide students with a broad understanding of both modern and classic forms of photography.

With a double major in business administration and photography, Mark Kim wants to do more than simply start a photography business. “I want to discover what kind of opportunities lay behind barriers in different countries and use photography to help those who are in need,” he says.  What does Mark want to do with both of his majors? “I want to use them in missions,” he says. “Any organization needs administrative skills, and pictures tell wordless stories. Photography is needed and effective.”

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