Major in Philosophy

Become a thinker • Explore big ideas • Grow in wisdom

Learn about the world's biggest questions.

In the philosophy major, you'll engage with the writings of historic philosophers and connect their thinking to today's world. You'll be challenged to read carefully, think critically and communicate clearly as you explore big questions from a Christian perspective. Whether you continue your education or enter the workforce upon graduation, a degree in philosophy from JBU will equip you to succeed in any pursuit requiring analytical reasoning.

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Study deep questions

Philosophy students interact and engage with faculty and classmates and discuss a diverse set of topics like modern philosophy, logic, ethics and the philosophy of religion. 

Grow in clarity

The philosophy major is designed to produce students who leave JBU with disciplined clarity who will be able to read carefully, think critically, write effectively and speak clearly.

Launch your career

Students studying philosophy are well-positioned to pursue any career that requires analytical reasoning, as well as graduate school in philosophy, theology, ministry, business, law or medicine.

Pursue truth and wisdom at JBU.

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What to expect as a philosophy student at JBU


Work with brilliant faculty

The full-time and adjunct faculty at JBU have published extensive research in philosophy and maintain research projects in addition to teaching full-time.


Present your position

Each year JBU students present papers at national academic conferences like The Southwest Conference of the American Academy of Religion.


Advance to graduate school

JBU’s graduates are getting their graduate degrees from schools like Princeton, Duke, Denver Seminary and Dallas Theological Seminary.

What can you do with a philosophy degree?

JBU equips students with the necessary resources to launch them into the careers they set out to pursue, and students will find that their philosophy major will prepare them for a broad range of fields and jobs.

Lead a business

A degree in philosophy gives you a broad foundation and the ability to think critically and make decisions, which all benefit leaders in the business world.

Go to law school

The ability to think and write clearly, to analyze and present arguments, is highly valued in the law profession. Philosophy majors have one of the highest rates of acceptance at law schools.

Go to medical school

Medical schools look favorably upon candidates with a liberal arts degree, especially from philosophy departments.

Work in government

If politics has captured your interest, a major in philosophy will give you a solid foundation for a variety of jobs in government.

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