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Become a marketer • Learn strategies • Impact the lives of consumers

Learn how to create value.

In the marketing major, you'll have multiple client projects in your portfolio by the time you graduate. That real-world experience combined with practice and your study of contemporary marketing and retailing theory will equip you to create value in the field. Marketing is where creativity meets critical thinking. 

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Gain real experience

Gain incredible insight into the consumer packaged goods industry and explore marketing's best practices through summer internships at one of several Fortune 500 companies located right in JBU's backyard.

Get certified

At JBU, you'll have the opportunity to earn marketing certifications from organizations like Google, HubSpot and Facebook as part of your coursework.

Develop collaborative skills

Employers look for graduates who not only have technical knowledge but have learned to collaborate with others, communicate effectively and discover innovative solutions for problems.

JBU will equip you to become a successful marketer.

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What to expect as a marketing student


Stretch your skillset

Develop your creative and analytical skills through a unique blend of communications, marketing, graphic design and data analytics courses. This combination of skills is in high demand in the agency world.


Build your resume

By the time you leave JBU, you will have a portfolio of projects that include a customer journey map, buyer persona and an integrated campaign plan, all supported by strong insights drawn from databases, focus groups and survey research.


Pursue your master's degree

Through our 4+1 program, you can graduate with a bachelor's and a master’s in just five years.

Featured Faculty

Assistant Professor of Entrepreneurship and Marketing

Dr. Eva Fast earned both her B.S.B.A. and M.B.A. from JBU. She completed her D.B.A. at George Fox University where she successfully defended her dissertation, “A new model of opportunity recognition: Linking individual agency, entrepreneurial action, the innovation process”. She teaches courses in marketing, entrepreneurship and innovation. Prior to teaching, she worked in the marketing department at Simmons Foods where she gained valuable experience performing market research, conducting demand planning and participating in national trade shows.

Dr. Eva Fast

Assistant Professor of Entrepreneurship and Marketing


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