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Lead others to their full potential.

In the management major, you'll learn from experienced and knowledgeable faculty how to balance the "things" of production with the people of production. At JBU, you'll learn how to enable and empower people and ultimately help your organization succeed.

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Gain real experience

Northwest Arkansas is home to many Fortune 500 companies, giving management majors the opportunity to land prestigious internships. 

Get certified

At JBU, you’ll have the opportunity to earn the Certified Associate in Project Management certification from the Project Management Institute, setting you apart from other job applicants.

Develop interpersonal skills

Employers look for graduates who not only have technical knowledge but have learned to collaborate with others, communicate effectively and discover innovative solutions for problems.

What to expect as a management student


Get job offers

JBU's reputation for producing top-notch business students means students have access to internships and jobs at Fortune 500 companies and non-profits in Northwest Arkansas and beyond.


Accelerate your MBA

Through our 4+1 program, you can graduate with a bachelor's and a master’s in just five years, saving time and money.


Sharpen management skills

Classes in the management major teach you how to work with, develop and empower people. 

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