Major in International Business

Learn in diverse classrooms • Gain cultural intelligence • Impact the world

Impact the economy on a global scale.

JBU's international business program gives you a broad foundation to function in a global role. Learn about global strategies, logistics and supply chain, and economics in the developing world.

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Change the world

Impact lives using international business skills to develop projects that improve the quality of life and standard of living for people across the globes.

Make connections

At JBU, you'll get opportunities to network and make great connections across the world. Meet with professionals already working in your desired field.

Learn from the best

Learn from professors with real-world experience that will teach the complexity of the international business environment with real-life applications.

JBU prepares you to make an impact all over the world.

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I learned that strong emotional intelligence and prioritizing our principles and values will prepare us to face any challenge, not because we will know everything but because we will know where to start. I just got hired as a Financial (Early Career) Analyst in Experian, which is one of the "Big Three" credit-reporting agencies around the world.

Jeremy Hidalgo '22

International Business Major


What to expect as an international business major


Understand international trade

You'll learn global business strategies, as well as work with supply chain management and logistics.


See the world

Gain international experience and meet with international business leaders and financial experts to learn strategies for success in the global economy.


Pursue your master's degree

Through our 4+1 Accelerated Master's Program, you can graduate with a bachelor's and a master’s in just five years instead of the traditional six..

The business program allows students to interact with real-life problems in the business world and emerge into real market discovery, which challenges students to learn more. What I liked most about the College of Business was that students learn to see business from a Christian perspective.

Rosita Tirado '22

International Business Major


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