History tends to repeat itself, which is why Haley Kurtz ’14 knows that studying the past prepares her for the future. “History’s connection between the past and present fascinates me,” she said. “Studying history means I get to study all sorts of topics, like philosophy, literature and theology.”

History encompasses business, law, medicine, psychology, art, politics, theological study and the development of modern media. Students learn skills in critical thinking, problem solving, research, articulate writing and speaking. Students may be introduced to the basics of languages, such as Egyptian hieroglyphics, Greek, Medieval Latin, Anglo-Saxon and Celtic. Classes cover a variety of civilizations, including African, Middle Eastern, American, British and the classical world. Independent study courses may be available to enable students to explore areas of interest.

JBU’s professors are committed to offering a high-quality Christian education that emphasizes critical thinking and academic motivation.

While some may think that history classes do not coincide with day-to-day life, Haley does not. “Everything I’m learning in my history classes overlaps with my other classes,” she said. “It reinforces the importance and influence that history has in the world around us.”