Major in History

Engage with the past • Learn timeless stories • Impact the present

Learn how to study the past to inform our future.

In the history program, you'll analyze primary and secondary historical sources from a Christian perspective, but your work doesn't stop there. JBU's discussion-based classes give you the space to develop your communication skills and express your ideas. The flexible nature of the program enables you to focus your studies in the manner that best prepares you for your career.

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Engage the past

History students will be able to not only read about and write about truths from every age and era, but they will be given opportunities to directly engage with historical sites and discuss many timeless truths with classmates. 

Inform your future

Through the study of past rhetorics, cultures, events and ideologies, students gain the necessary skills to express themselves and their ideas by understanding how those before us recorded themselves.

Choose your emphasis

Because history is so broad, faculty encourage students to select their own independent study topics to supplement the curriculum.

Become a historian at JBU.

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What to expect as a history student at JBU

Experience unique class structure

JBU’s history department emphasizes discussion-based classes and the use of texts from various cultures and time to inform a single topic or event in history.


Add a museum studies minor

This minor preps students for employment in archives administration, museum education, curation and management.

Be a double major

With a flexible curriculum, adding a second major is efficient and valuable. JBU faculty are happy to help think through what additional major would fit your interests and career goals.

What can you do with a history degree?

Students in the history department are given multiple opportunities to explore various paths and fields to contemplate what type of career they'd like to pursue.

Graduate school

Many graduates choose to advance their careers in a particular area of interest. An advanced degree also qualifies students to teach collegiate-level classes.

Law school

Majoring in history lays the groundwork for studying law, as you will have to read extensively while maintaining knowledge of overall ideas, create cohesive arguments and find research to back your arguments.

Technical writing

Technical writing works well with history majors because it requires attention to detail and consistency. Often, writers have to take complex ideas and make them understandable for the average reader.

Policy analyst

Both governmental agencies and businesses in the private sector hire people to develop policies and communicate them clearly to the target audience.


History majors make excellent archivists. Gathering data, researching, writing event summaries and documenting finds are part of the job and are skills that every history major learns.

Records management

Many companies, universities, colleges, non-profit organizations and government agencies need individuals who can research and organize large amounts of data meticulously. 

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