The Graphic Design program at John Brown University began in 1990 and is currently one of the largest majors on campus. Design concept and techniques are both emphasized, and students take courses to broaden their knowledge in design, computer graphics and core liberal arts courses. Some of these courses include, Computer Graphics, Graphic Design I-IV, Typography, Portfolio and Presentation, and Internships. Students are greatly challenged in this program to be able to compete in the commercial world.

In the Summer of 2011, Daniel Herron ‘12 and several other Art Department students spent six weeks in Lausanne, Switzerland doing what they love best — graphic design and photography. “We studied Swiss design and typefaces, which has been incredibly influential,” Daniel said. “We got professional experience and class credit. It didn’t have to be one or the other.”

The Visual Arts department has quality facilities available to Graphic Design students, including two 24-station Mac labs installed with Adobe Suite CS6 and other programs, such as software for design, photography, video production, 3D modeling and animation. Student equipment is technologically current and each Mac lab is open 24/7. Both the Windgate Visual Art West and the Windgate Visual Art East buildings are available for student use.

Typical design projects include logos, brochures, posters, advertising, publications, motion graphics, websites, apps and problem-solving challenges. Students develop professional portfolios and complete internships, which gives them experience for their careers of choice.

JBU offers hands on experience both in and out of the classrooms. Students begin building a professional portfolio, and present their work during their senior year at the senior portfolio show. Students also have the opportunity to go on a European Art Tour or a Summer Studies Trip. Professional artists are invited to lecture and display their works in the Art Gallery, which exposes students to the professional art industry and provides grounds for discussion.

What stands out about graphic design for Daniel? “Our program may be smaller than some large universities, but we are dedicated to being state-of-the-art,” he said. “A lot of bigger programs want to discover protégés rather than create them. Here, if you are committed to working hard, JBU enables you to become great.”

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