Major in Graphic Design

Become a designer • Improve your technique • Solve problems creatively

Graphic design is about more than just art. JBU will teach you to solve problems.

From product design to logo identity packages to infographics, great graphic design goes deeper than just the "look and feel." Ultimately it's about solving a problem for your client. At JBU we'll teach you both the artistic techniques you need, but also the skills to communicate with clients and work collaboratively to develop unique solutions.

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Discover how JBU will prepare you as an artist

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Learn foundational design skills

You'll start with the basics of color theory, typography and good design with professors who've worked in the industry for decades. 

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Broaden your skillset

Expand your knowledge into computer graphics and digital darkroom techniques as you work on real-world projects. 

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Portfolio Show

Prepare an impressive portfolio

Before you graduate, JBU professors will help you prepare a professional portfolio that will get you noticed and on the road to a career.

Graphic Design at JBU - What you'll get:

A broad skillset

Students are encouraged to learn skills beyond their major. Other than graphic design courses, students have the opportunity to gain skills in photography, printmaking, videography, and more that will be beneficial for their future careers.

Faculty who invest in you

One of the most amazing things about JBU is the relationships students create with the professors. Students are encouraged to visit and to ask questions with professors, so that they can become better designers. 

Faith integration

At JBU, you'll be educated not only in with an academic and practical philosophy, but with a spiritual philosophy as well. This head, heart, hand educational philosophy is core to JBU's motto of "Christ Over All."

Internship opportunities

Northwest Arkansas has about 300 Fortune 500 companies in the area. We have graduates in all the top area design departments, and many of these companies actively recruit our students as interns and employees.

Incredible facilities

Our three art buildings include two 3-story facilities featuring classrooms, a theater, two galleries, photo and cinema studios, MAC labs and a printmaking workshop. The Studio Project Barn includes large spaces for a state-of-the-art photo studio, drawing and painting classrooms, woodshop, ceramics studio and individual artist stations.

World travel options

Every summer, JBU hosts a European Art Tour and one or more international summer studies trips. See world-class art and see the world! International Opportunities

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Earn your bachelors & MBA in 5 years

With a bachelor's in graphic design and master's degree in business, you'll learn how to professionally market your design skills and create a viable business model. After a thorough undergrad program of foundational graphic design followed, you begin your business education with foundational undergrad business courses plus 12 hours of graduate business courses while you are still in your undergrad program. That’s 12 hours of MBA coursework for free and completed by the time you earn your bachelor's! Then you can choose whether you continue in the grad program fulltime, or finish your MBA online while working.

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Possible Careers for Graphic Design Majors

Multimedia Designer

As a multimedia designer, you will create videos and animations, set design, and use other technical skills to create works.

Creative/Art Director

Advertising agencies, newspapers, public relation firms, marketing firms, and manufacturers need a creative director with an intimate understanding of product advertisement and graphic production.

Production Artist

Take over the steps of production in graphics, film, or other formats. They also establish and maintain a product or company's brand identity.

Brand Identity Designer

Establishe an entire line of graphics for a specific company or product to standardize the characteristics of the brand and the message that the client is trying to communicate.

Logo Designer

As a designer focused on logo development, you have to be creative in taking the personality of an organization and communicating it through logo art.


Web Designer

Work on a type of web design like graphics, web-interface, user-experience, and search engines. A web designer is employed to build and maintain a web presence for an organization.

Product Developer

Ideate, lead, and manage the creation of products. Communicate and work alongside various engineers, marketers, executives, and other professionals. 

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Prepare for a successful career and a life of purpose

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