Major in Game Design

Tell stories through games • Become a professional game designer • Impact the world

Create the games you want to play.

In the game design major, you'll learn how to create the games of your dreams. You'll sharpen coding skills, gain a deep understanding of game theory, draw upon 3D modeling abilities and understand the field from a Christian perspective. 

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Learn hands-on

JBU game design majors have every opportunity to work with state-of-the-art equipment and engage with advanced technology while coming up with concepts for their own games. 

Integrate faith & learning

At JBU, you'll be guided and learn how to design games that integrate your faith covertly or overtly, while learning to seek excellence and honor God.

Graduate into a growing industry

93% of people under the age of 18 play video games, and video game sales have grown consistently every year since 2015. A game design degree will prepare you for this growing industry. 

What to expect as a game design student at JBU


Learn the fundamentals

Game design majors will learn the basics of both computer science and graphic design, a great springboard into more advanced game design coursework. 


Enjoy incredible facilities

The Balzer Technology Center has 40,000 square feet of state-of-the-art labs and learning space.


Accelerate earning a master's

With JBU's 4+1 program, you can begin taking master's level classes as an undergraduate and finish both your bachelor's in game design and a master's degree in another program in five years. (You can even finish online once you get a full-time job.)

What can you do with a game design degree?

The game design major is well-equipped to prepare students for their career.

Game designer

You'll sharpen skills in multiple areas, allowing you to pursue a career in video or tabletop gaming.

Artistic director

You'll be able to create the artistic vision for games both board and digital, from story-crafting to 3D modeling. 

UI design

Game designers understand the importance of a clean user interface. In the game design major, you'll be taught how to create an excellent interface experience for all users. 

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