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Major in English Education

Learn how to teach • Get real-life experience •Teach confidently

Learn how to teach literature, composition and grammar.

At JBU, we know that your desire to help others learn and grow comes from God. In the English education major, you will review and master literature, grammar and composition and learn to successfully teach at a secondary education level. With model classrooms and exposure to real classrooms starting in your very first semester, you will graduate well-prepared to teach in a public or private school classroom.

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Observe professionals

Students shadow and learn from professionals, achieving confidence in classroom management and lesson planning before they have their own classrooms.

Practice teaching

JBU’s English education program combines the rigor of the education program with the breadth of the English curriculum. JBU not only develops students into great teachers but also into experts in their field of study.

Teach globally

JBU is accredited so that students can transfer their teaching license easily across states and internationally. 

What to expect as an English education student at JBU


Practice with professionals

Students spend a lot of time in clinical-style education with mentor teachers. Through observing and teaching alongside these experts, JBU students become confident in their capabilities in areas such as classroom management and lesson planning.


Gain experience early-on

From the very first semester, students get to have an in-classroom experience. JBU students get the chance to practice teaching for more time than most students in other English education programs.  This creates great confidence, trust and respect in the student's mentor teachers, as well as future employers. 


Educate abroad

JBU students can spend time studying in Lithuania, Guatemala, Honduras, Northern Ireland and various parts of the world. Not only does JBU equip students to be able to transfer their teaching license to go and teach other places, but gives them a chance to enhance their teaching education abroad before they even graduate.

What can you do with an English education degree?

English education majors graduate ready to launch themselves into any industry and profession they desire. 

Teach overseas

Many international and missionary-based schools look for qualified teachers to serve.

Teach at a public or private school

Educational institutions are always seeking quality teachers.

Education administrator

These professionals oversee the daily aspect of childcare centers, preschools and other schools. Typically, this position requires an advanced degree.

Missions work

Many missionary families are looking for qualified educational professionals to help them with homeschooling.



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