Major in Economics

Understand economic concepts • Learn efficiency and productivity • Impact communities

Solve real-world problems.

JBU's economics program provides a window into production and business around the globe. What moves nations from poverty to prosperity? How does faith-based stewardship impact economic principles? 

Learn to articulate essential theories of the market, understand economic growth and business cycles, explain the effects of related public policies and use data effectively through the lens of biblical stewardship.

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Gain versatility

Economics pairs well with many other JBU business programs, and many students double major. Econ also makes a good track for pre-law students who historically have higher LSAT scores than other majors.

Get certified

JBU can help you become a Certified Business Economist after graduation and while pursuing graduate work.

Be career-ready

Employers are looking for graduates with the analytical, research and communication skills you'll learn in JBU's economics program. 

Discover how JBU will equip you for a career in economics.

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What to expect as an economics student


Choose your degree

You’ll be able to major in economics while choosing either a Bachelor of Business Administration or a Bachelor of Arts or Science degree based on your preferred focus in the business or social sciences area.


Build sustainable communities

Economics majors can participate in ENACTUS (Entrepreneurs in Action) project teams to develop outreach projects that improve the quality of life and living standards for people in need.


Advance stewardship

Studying economics allows you to use economic development as a tool for honoring God, serving others and impacting the world. You'll be able to serve through business or non-profit organizations.

Choose your emphasis

At JBU, you can choose an emphasis in analytics or economic development. These emphases offer you the opportunity to specialize further.


The analytics emphasis is an excellent choice for those wanting to work with data and pursue careers in which data analysis is essential. 

Economic development

The economic development emphasis deepens your understanding of the global economy, trade, patterns of growth and development, poverty alleviation and public policy.

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