Computer Science Major

Flexible, integrated program designed to create well-rounded graduates

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Students working on a computer projectAs fast as computer technology is evolving, you need a computer science program that will prepare you not just for your first job, but for your fifth job. 

Many computer science programs are focused and specialize in very-closely related emphases. But technology changes fast and you need to know that you'll be ready to take on any challenge that comes your way.

So at JBU, we've designed a flexible computer science program that will prepare you even for the jobs that don't exist yet. And our faculty and staff will guide you through the process of discovering your vocation and developing your skills to impact God's kingdom.

Choose from the following emphasis options (click here for the list of courses):




Computer Engineering

Business Analytics



Gaming/Web Development

Creative Writing






Learn how JBU's computer science program provides a well-rounded education

What employers are telling us...

"For qualities, I personally look for creativity and a demonstrated eagerness to solve hard problems. Solving easy problems doesn't move the needle. And if you aren't interested in hard problems when you're 20, you never will be."
-Matt Phillips, Computer Scientist at Adobe Systems, Inc.

Our hands-on educational philosophy makes real-world projects the basis of much of your education and gives you experience at solving complex problems.

"Learning to learn is really really important."
-Mark Guinn, Senior Software Developer at Redfin

JBU's liberal arts education creates graduates who can think and read critically and ultimately develop a lifelong love of learning.


"…most companies don’t really look for CS grads fresh out of college because they don’t know how to teach them what they need to know to be valuable contributors to technical teams and companies. They’re just raw technical talent. Because of that many prefer to have the rough edges taken off and the teamwork/collaboration stuff they need, to be taught by someone else."
-Kenton W. Bohn, Partner at Gentry Partnership

At JBU you're going to learn the importance of collaboration, teamwork and project management while you're learning the hard skills. Which means you'll set yourself apart from other candidates.