Major in Chemistry

Become a chemist • Learn laboratory techniques • Impact your community

Chemistry is a technical field.
JBU will give you the tools you need.

In the chemistry major, you will have access to faculty and state-of-the-art labs to help you conduct and publish your research. At JBU you will get the training in lab equipment and safety you need to enter the workforce, and you will practice problem-solving and interacting with scientific research.

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What to expect as a chemistry student at JBU

Publish Research

Students can work with faculty on their research initiatives or conduct their own undergraduate research projects to ultimately publish in national scientific journals.

Work with Accessible Professors

JBU students work one-on-one with JBU professors and experience true mentorship from their very first semester. 

Use Advanced Technology

Chemistry students learn to use crime lab equipment, research using industrial-grade instruments, and graduate heavily experienced in lab technology.

Graduate Industry Ready

Over 75 percent of JBU students who apply to schools of health professions are accepted. The success rate approaches 100 percent upon reapplication the following year.

Tailor Your Degree

JBU has two course tracks for students interested in the medical field: Pre-Professional Studies for areas of medicine, dentistry, optometry, veterinary medicine, etc., and Allied Health for fields like nursing, physician's assistant, physical therapy, and occupational therapy.

Hands-On Lab Experiences

 Chemistry students receive extensive safety training of chemical handling and hazardous waste while working in a hands-on environment from their first semester. 

What could you do with a chemistry degree?


Biotechnology depends on the ability to alter chemical structures for materials and organisms like agriculture, livestock, pharmaceuticals, or other industries.

Chemical Information Specialist

This job requires managing technical chemical information for researchers, industry professionals, students, and professors.

Clinical Work

A degree in chemistry lays a solid foundation for any medical career. Students interested in further medical training have the option of joining one JBU's pre-medical studies tracks.

Research Specialist

Government agencies, private industries, pharmaceutical companies and independent researchers look for students with a solid science foundation.


Forestry, environmental management, renewable energy or environmental research are all possible options for those interested in the field of ecology.

Community Development

Students can easily use their knowledge in chemistry for non-profit organizations that deal with agricultural, ecological, or environmental humanitarian work.

University Professor

Prepare to conduct research and educate others about chemistry. To teach chemistry on a collegiate level, an advanced degree is required.

Graduate School

Many students choose to continue their study in a particular field of interest with an advanced degree.

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