Chemistry major Rebecca Foos ’12 first became interested in chemistry in high school, and found that JBU offered the exact combination of challenging experience and support she was looking for in a college. “I actually had the opportunity to compare JBU’s program to that of both a state school in the U.S. and a national institution in Germany,” she said. “In comparison, JBU promotes a much Students get hands on experiencestronger learning interface and guarantees a more hands-on education by encouraging independent thought and creativity.” Rebecca is currently working with nanoreactor adhesive chemistry at Henkel International in Germany.

Whether students are interested in nanotechnology or toxicology, students are given regular opportunities to develop their laboratory skills through both class assignments and research opportunities with faculty. JBU provides a hands-on learning environment, meaning students do everything from working with the atomic absorption spectrometer to learning how to snap freeze samples in liquid nitrogen.

Courses are specifically designed to provide a foundational knowledge of chemistry as necessary for understanding the biological processes. Moreover, courses help students develop a scientific attitude, give practice in the experimental method, provide training in laboratory techniques, acquire the chemical background necessary for specialized professions and acquaint students with the chemical aspects of our environment and civilization.

What is Rebecca doing with her degree? After graduating from JBU, Rebecca traveled to Europe and is earning her Ph.D. in organic chemistry.

Pre- Health Program - The Pre-Health Professions Program equips and encourages students interested in pursuing acceptance at professional school and a career in the health professions.

SUCCESS Scholarship - This scholarship seeks to support academically talented undergraduates majoring in Chemistry, Biochemistry or Biology with Chemistry minor who have financial need.