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Biology is a critical industry. JBU will prepare you to excel.

In the biology major, you will be prepared for a variety of different careers, as well as graduate school in biology or professional school in health-related fields. You can train to work as a biologist in laboratory or field settings, and your program of study can be customized to serve your interests and career aspirations.

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Discover how the biology major will prepare you to succeed

Get the hands-on experience you need

At JBU, you will earn a strong background in various aspects of biology. You'll gain experience in health-related fields, biotechnology, science education, and more. 

Develop the "soft-skills" employers are looking for

Employers look for graduates who not only have technical knowledge, but have learned to collaborate with others, communicate effectively and discover innovative solutions for problems. At JBU you'll learn these skills throughout your studies.

Land a great job

The demand for biologists continue to grow. Microbiologists have a median salary of $71,650. For more career outlook information, visit the Bureau of Labor Statistics website.

What to expect as a Biology student

Dissect Cadavers

You'll be able to explore the inner workings of the human body in the Human Anatomy Cadaver Lab. JBU is one of only two universities in the state of Arkansas that make cadaver dissection available to undergraduate students.

Have Accessible Professors

JBU lab classes are capped to 20 students so that professors can give student-specific guidance and recommendation.

Customize Your Degree

JBU's Biology program of study can be customized to serve students interested in wildlife management, environmental education, government policy, park services, cam and recreation, missions, and a variety of other areas.

Get Into Medical School

Approximately 75-80 percent of JBU students who apply to schools of health professions are accepted after their first attempt. The success rate approaches 100 percent upon reapplication.

Publish Research

Work with faculty on their research initiatives or conduct their own undergraduate research projects to ultimately publish findings in national scientific journals.

Gain Lab Experience

JBU students have access to labs with the latest technology and equipment including an aquarium, a greenhouse, a tissue culture lab, a microscope lab, small and large equipment labs, several research labs, and multiple teaching labs.

“Some of the greatest times I’ve had have been in lab. We apply what we learned during lectures, and each experience gives me a deeper appreciation of the complex world in which we live. It’s amazing to see how God has designed it all and how He has intricately put everything together.”

Cori Van Gorkum ’12

What Could You Do With A Biology Degree?

Clinical Work

A degree in biology lays a solid foundation for any medical career: physician, dentist, optometry, therapist, nurse, physician's assistant, veterinary, etc. Students interested in clinical work should consider joining JBU's Pre-Health Professions Program.

Biomedical Research

There are many opportunities in government, medical schools, pharmaceutical companies and individual research for students with a bachelor's or master's degree in biological technology. A long-term career in the field of biomedical research, however, requires a Ph.D.

Humanitarian Work

Students can easily use their knowledge in biology for non-profit organizations that deal with agricultural, ecological or environmental community development.


Students can pursue a career in forestry, environmental management, renewable energy or environmental research.

Graduate School

Many graduates of biology choose to continue their studies in a field of particular interest with graduate degrees.

Medical School

Students interested in a career in the medical field often choose biology as a major in order to later enter medical school.

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