Major in Biblical & Theological Studies

Go into ministry • Study theology • Make an impact

Learn how to analyze scripture critically.

In the biblical and theological studies major, you will study scriptural texts, church history, Christian theological tradition and biblical languages. Through the exercise of critical reading and thinking, the practice of articulate writing, and the exploration of cultural-historical perspectives, you will be prepared for vocational ministry or to attend seminary.

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Dive into scripture

Students spend much of their time studying and analyzing Scripture, focusing on interpretation, context and meaning and how to take those truths and minister to others.

Cultivate your ministry

Not only are students given the resources to identify their calling for ministry, but they also develop a competency for applying and teaching biblical passages and ministering to communities. 

Grow in knowledge

Classes like the church in global context, history of Christianity, and philosophy of religion give students a foundational understanding of the church and the difference between God’s truth and cultural values.

Expand your understanding of deep truths at JBU.

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What to expect as a biblical and theological studies student at JBU


Explore ancient cultures

As a biblical studies major or minor, you can spend a summer working on an archaeological excavation in Jordan, uncovering the ancient city of Abila of the Decapolis with Dr. Dave Vila for college credit.


Experience denominational diversity

JBU is an interdenominational school where you can experience a community of students and faculty who explore a beautiful convergence of differing evangelical theological positions and practices.


Present your position

Each year JBU students present papers at national academic conferences like The Southwest Conference of the American Academy of Religion or the Truman State University Conference on Philosophy and Religion.

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