Art & Illustration at JBU

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At JBU, you will develop both the conceptual and technical skills you need to create high-quality work. As you learn from experts in the field, you will build a marketable portfolio that exemplifies your versatility and range of abilities.

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What to expect as an art and illustration student at JBU

Work in incredible facilities

Our three art buildings include two 3-story facilities featuring classrooms, a theater, two galleries, photo and cinema studios, MAC labs, and a printmaking workshop. Also new is an "art barn" with additional large spaces for a state-of-the-art photo studio, drawing and painting classrooms, wood shop, ceramics studio, and individual artist stations.

Tour the world

Every summer, JBU hosts a European Art Tour and one or more international summer studies trips. See world class art and see the world!


Display your creativity

Show off your work in the annual Student Works Show, a highlight in the JBU calendar. You can also reserve the student gallery for your personal exhibit.

Explore the art gallery

JBU’s art gallery, the second best in NWA, hosts a myriad of professional artists and their work, providing students direct contact with professionals in their field.

Integrate faith and art

At JBU, your faculty will encourage you to use your talents for the glory of God. In every class and every career, our desire is to honor Him.

Gain great exposure

Every year, seniors display their best work for potential employers at the JBU Portfolio Show, which draws a large group of recruiters as well as hundreds of friends and family.

Mingle with experts

Every year we bring in a variety of talented and well-known artists, photographers, and filmmakers from around the country to speak to our campus and conduct workshops for visual art students.

What can you do with an art and illustration degree? 

Commercial product designer

You could design greeting cards, stationery, calendars, and textiles that are sold around the world.

Fashion illustrator

Create aesthetically appealing layouts for fashion magazines, departments stores, catalogs, and independent designers.

Children's book illustrator

There are countless children’s books in the making that could use creative and fun illustrations. You could work for a publishing house or as a freelancer in this field.

Animation studios

Create unique 3D models of characters and settings for animated projects.

Advertising agencies

There are plenty of opportunities to develop brands and labels at advertising agencies that communicate the functionality of a product and increase sales.

Freelance work

If you don’t want to do just one type of illustration, build a portfolio and a clientele. This a great way to use your skills and fulfill your passion with a variety of projects.

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