International Business

MBA Concentration

Learn to navigate the global business landscape.

The international business concentration is for people who want to effectively begin, manage, and close various types of business projects, utilizing appropriate analyses, change-management skills, and effective decision making. International business MBA students will learn to productively adapt to cross-cultural business environments, understand frame of reference, and successfully navigate global business practices.

As part of this educational experience, students spend time applying what they learn in an international setting through a one- to two-week international trip. JBU’s international business MBA program will help students develop a general set of management and leadership skills that can be transferred to many areas in addition to specific multinational knowledge, focusing on the different factors that affect multinational operations management. 

Program Length
An MBA with an international business concentration is 36-45 credit hours, depending on whether a student has undergraduate coursework in a business-related field. Students typically complete the program in approximately two years.

Course Format
You can earn the international business MBA 100% online or through a combination of online and in-person classes at the John Brown University Rogers Center.

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