Slingshot Textbook Service

Plan Details for Graduate and Online Undergraduate Students

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All of your books. None of the hassle.®

Slingshot automatically fulfills and delivers all of your required course materials directly to you before classes start. Slingshot is a service of the JBU Campus Bookstore.

New graduate and online undergraduate students are opted in to Slingshot Choice by default and must opt-out if they don't want to use the service.

Slingshot Choice


  • All course materials delivered to you before classes begin
  • Competitive pricing
  • Automatic billing to your JBU student account
  • Ability to choose preferred material format (digital, physical, rental, buy used, buy new)

Billing details

The JBU Campus Bookstore bills Slingshot charges directly to your JBU student account, typically during the first week of classes. Subsequent registration changes may result in billing adjustments. B Session charges may not be billed until that session begins. Slingshot may bill additional fees during the semester or after the semester ends. Students may log in to the JBU Campus Bookstore to review the details of Slingshot charges. Please contact the JBU Campus Bookstore with questions about bookstore charges.

Book formats

By default, course materials will be a mix of physical book and eBook rentals depending on availability. Students may access eBooks by logging into the JBU Campus Bookstore website and clicking on the “My Course Materials” tab.

With Slingshot Choice, students may select their preferred format (digital, physical, rental, buy used, buy new), but costs will typically be higher for physical and non-rental items. To adjust your preferences, log into the JBU Campus Bookstore website and click on the "My Account" tab.

Fees for past-due rentals

Rentals must be returned by their due date to avoid additional fees and expenses. Rentals not returned on time will result in a rental-not-returned fee charged to your student account, and the item will be converted into a purchase, also charged to your student account. Login to the JBU Campus Bookstore and navigated to the My Course Materials tab to find due dates and buyout options for your rentals.

How to opt out

To opt out of Slingshot Choice, email the JBU Campus Bookstore at or call (479) 524-7195. You may opt out anytime before you receive your materials for the semester or academic session and up to seven days after you have received your materials.

Once you opt out, you will not be automatically opted back in for the next semester.

Students who opt out will be responsible for acquiring their own textbooks and course materials, which are not guaranteed to be in stock at the JBU Campus Bookstore.

To find a list of your required course materials, follow these instructions.

Contact the JBU Campus Bookstore

JBU Campus Bookstore

Walker Student Center

9 a.m.–5 p.m.