Athletic Scholarship Policies

Policy 1: Maximum financial aid award package

If a financial aid award package includes an athletic scholarship, the maximum financial aid (from all sources) will be limited to covering the following JBU charges for the 2108-2019 year:

Full-time Tuition:    $25,750
Room and Board:   $9,224
General Fee:          $1,178
Course Fee:           $600
Maximum Financial Aid Allowed: $36,752

International students required to purchase health insurance through JBU, may be allowed to receive an additional $1,988* if specified by the coach in the athletic agreement. (*Rate subject to change for the 2018-2019 school year.)

A book allowance of up to $600 may be added to the maximum amount allowed if specified by the coach in the athletic agreement.

The maximum financial aid allowed will include the athletic scholarship, all other JBU funds (academic, leadership, need grants, etc.), Federal Pell Grant, state grants, student loans, parent loans, and student employment. The maximum will also include any "outside" scholarships the student may receive from a foundation, high school scholarship program, home church, civic organization, etc. The athletic scholarship amount may be reduced by the amount received from any other source.

The maximum financial aid allowed assumes the student will be living on campus. If a student is granted permission to live off campus, JBU scholarships will be reduced to only cover actual charges to the student account. No JBU funds are allowed to be taken as cash off the student account.

Policy 2: Tuition exchange and Arkansas Governor's Distinguished Scholarship recipients

Any student receiving a Tuition Exchange Scholarship is ineligible to receive an athletic scholarship.

Policy 3: New student fees

The following Admissions fees are to be paid by the student: $200 Enrollment Deposit (Includes $100 Tuition Deposit and $100 Housing Deposit)

Note: The $100 tuition deposit may be waived for athletes who receive a full athletic scholarship (covering tuition, room and board costs).