Student Events and Activities

Student Events and Activities (SEA) cultivates community, culture and creativity within the JBU campus. We provide entertainment and experiences that bring the entire student body together. Through our events, we hope that JBU students connect with new people, nurture existing friendships, and impact the campus atmosphere.

Some of our events include: Mock Rock, Talent Show, The Next Big Thing, Safari on the Quad, Late Skate, movie nights, coffee houses, etc.

The SEA Officer Team consists of six student leadership positions. This group of individuals, with their unique perspectives and ideas, forms a team where those ideas are heard and valued. Together we make those ideas into a reality by creating, planning and implementing weekly programs for the JBU campus. By implementing this programming, these students learn about their strengths, weaknesses, how to lead and how to be a team. This group is supported by the SEA volunteer team.

SEA positions

  • Director
  • Entertainment Director
  • Coordinating Director
    • Assistant Coordinating Director
  • Communications Director
    • Assistant Communications Director

SEA Leadership Positions are elected in the spring semester.

To find out more information about what SEA does and how to become a part of the organization, contact Langley Burton.

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