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DEADLINE: November 30***

Ireland Summer Studies

Ireland Summer Studies Trip 2017

Explore and make art in Ireland for 4 weeks with John Brown University art professors Joel Armstrong and Bobby Martin. Besides exploring the beautiful scenery of the Emerald Isle, other sites that will be visited include:

  • Belfast, Northern Ireland
  • Dublin, Republic of Ireland
  • Trinity College in Dublin, home to the Book of Kells
  • Newgrange, olderst known rock art, World Heritage Site
  • Seacourt Printmaking Institute in Bangor, Northern Ireland

The trip will offer 6 hours of art credit ( in addition to satisfying the Global Studies requirement), and credit hours may be applied depending on student need:

  • 3 hours ART 1243 Drawing I; ART 2453 Drawing II or ART 3883 Selected Topics
  • 3 hours ART 3643 Intro to Printmaking: Counts as a required elective for Art & Illustration and Graphic Design majors; if you have already taken Intro to Printmaking you can take ART 3883 Selected Topics as an Advanced Printmaking course.

***IMPORTANT: Pair this trip with the European Art Tour to Italy and save over $1,000! The 2-week Italy trip is scheduled back to back with the Ireland trip-- go on both and save money AND receive up to 9 hours + Global Studies credit!!






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