The Arties

JBU's annual red carpet awards show

The Arties

The Arties is JBU's annual red carpet awards show celebrating student excellence in the arts, hosted by the Visual Art Foundry. Arties awards are given by the Visual Arts Department, Music & Theatre Department, and Communications Department to students who exemplify excellence. In addition, prizes are given to the winners of each category of work in the Student Works Show, as judged by guest professional artists. This fun awards show happens every March. It gives us a chance to dress up fancy and laugh at ourselves a little! The show is always followed by an after party with lots of great food.

Every year, seven awards are given by the Visual Arts Department to celebrate the best artists of the year. Not only are the winners of these awards excellent visual artists, but they are also the students the Visual Arts faculty proudly considers to be the best representatives of the Visual Arts Department because they demonstrate JBU’s mission of Head, Heart, Hand by creating artwork in a manner that glorifies Christ. 

2016 Arties: "60's Mod"


2015 Arties: "Clue Murder Mystery"



2014 Arties: "Classy Thrift Shop"