Photo: Facilities & Equipment

Facilities & Equipment

Windgate Visual Arts West & East

The Visual Arts Department has awesome facilities: two large buildings in the center of campus with over 36,000 sq. ft and every resource an art student needs. Students have 24-hour access to both buildings. Coming Fall 2018 is a 10,000 sq. ft. “art barn” with additional facilities for photography studios and drawing and painting.

Windgate Visual Arts West

1 art gallery, 6 faculty offices, 2 design classrooms, 1 theater classroom, 2 Mac labs, 2 product photography studios, 1 portrait/lighting studio, 2 traditional and digital darkrooms, 1 student workroom

Windgate Visual Arts West

Windgate Visual Arts WestWindgate Visual Arts West

Windgate Visual Art East

3 faculty offices, 1 very large printmaking/screen printing studio, 1 conference room, student workrooms, 1 large multipurpose classroom, 3 large painting and drawing classrooms, cinema editing and audio recording suites, and 1 student gallery.Windgate Visual Arts East

Windgate Visual Arts EastWindgate Visual Arts East

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