Brown Bulletin News Guidelines

Alumni News & Information Guidelines

Publication dates
Winter issue goes to print at the end of October. Delivery to alumni is by mid-November. Summer issue goes to print at the end of April. Delivery to alumni is by mid-May.

Submissions for Alumni News - When and How
Information for the Brown Bulletin alumni news may be submitted to Julie Gumm, director of University Communications.

In addition to online submissions, information and pictures for the Brown Bulletin alumni news may be submitted by mail or e-mail to the following addresses:

Brown Bulletin Editor
John Brown University
2000 West University St.
Siloam Springs, AR 72761

Information for the Brown Bulletin alumni news that is submitted on-line is pulled from the on-line database by the last Friday in March for the summer issue, and by the last Friday in September for the winter issue. Information submitted after the pull date for the issue in development will appear in the following issue.

Information received by mail or e-mail will be gathered and processed for publication the last Friday of September for the winter issue, the last Friday in March for the summer issue. Submissions received after that date may be included in the issue in development at the discretion of the editor.

Note on Changes of Address Sent to JBU
If you send a change of address card or e-mail to a JBU office, news of your new address WILL NOT be published in the Brown Bulletin unless you specifically request that the change be included in the next issue of the magazine. Those who update their addresses online can indicate their desire to have the information published by checking the appropriate box when submitting the online form.

Missionary Letters and Newsletters
Regular missionary letters and newsletters - those duplicated and sent to a large group of people on a mailing list - will be forwarded to the alumni relations office. These will be regarded as letters to friends on staff at JBU, not as submissions for print in the Brown Bulletin. If you would like to include your news from your ministry in the alumni news section, please send a separate letter or e-mail to the editor as described above. This way, we are certain that information we publish is intended and appropriate for mass distribution in the magazine.

Editing and Refusal to Print
The editor reserves the right to edit alumni submissions for length, clarity, or style standards. The Brown Bulletin will not publish alumni submissions that are deemed offensive or that promote activity or values contrary to those biblical values promoted by JBU.

News Highlights
The editor reserves the right to highlight alumni news submissions in the magazine when information about an alumnus is deemed particularly noteworthy, unique, or exceptional.

Submitted photos will be published with the alumni news whenever possible, based on photo quality and space available. Digital photos may be submitted by e-mail to For best quality, digital photos should be submitted in at least 3" X 5" size at 300 dpi (or 900 x 1500 pixels). Prints may be submitted by mail. Photos may be cropped or touched-up before print.

Wedding, Birth Announcements
When news of a wedding or birth is submitted as an announcement, including wedding/birth dates and other pertinent information, the news item will be highlighted in the alumni news lists. A simple mention of a wedding or birth in a standard alumni news submission may not be recognized as a wedding/birth announcement and may not be highlighted as such. Announcements for weddings and births that occurred 18 months or more before the magazine's publication date will be published as a news item, but not highlighted as a wedding/birth announcement.

Obituaries for alumni, faculty, and friends will be published in the Obituaries section of the alumni news. Submitted obituaries for those alumni, faculty, and significant friends who passed will be published within 2 years of the individual's death. The Brown Bulletin will not publish obituaries for those who passed more than 2 years prior to the month of the publication. Exceptions will be at the discretion of the editor. All alumni obituaries submitted will be listed. Other obituaries submitted for staff, trustees, faculty, or friends may or may not be published at the discretion of the editor based on factors including the individual's contribution to the school, length of service, and relationship to alumni readers.

Obituaries will be edited before publication and will be limited to 150 words. The Brown Bulletin may choose to highlight and lengthen obituaries for prominent alumni faculty or friends, depending on available space and estimated reader interest.

Faculty and Friends
News of former JBU faculty, staff, trustees, and other significant friends will be published in the Faculty and Friends section of the alumni news at the discretion of the editor.

Approval Requirements and Options
The editor will take great care in accurately representing the submitted news in the editing process. The editor will contact alumni for clarification when needed. Alumni will not have the opportunity to approve edited submissions before print.

Submitted information must be approved by the alumnus or the family of the alumnus before publication. Those items submitted through the online submission form are considered approved when they are entered. Those items received through mail or e-mail will be considered approved if the author includes a statement expressing the wish for the news to be published in the magazine. Where alumni submit information through JBU staff or by other channels where their wishes about publication are uncertain, the editor will seek approval before publication. Where no approval can be gained, the information will not be published.