Test Optional Admission

A path to acceptance without standardized test scores

Increasing access to a JBU education

At JBU, we understand that a standardized test is not the only predictor of academic success. Test Optional Admission is an alternative route to acceptance for Fall 2020 and Fall 2021 traditional undergraduate students whose testing was impacted by COVID-19.

Test Optional acceptance is based on writing ability, high school GPA and interview responses and does not require the submission of standardized test scores (ACT, SAT, CLT)..

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Test Optional Admission process

1. Apply

  • Submit your application
  • Do not include any standardized test scores unless you believe they positively reflect your ability and potential to succeed at JBU.

2. Submit the following documents

  • High school transcript
  • Writing sample from your current English class (or second semester junior year)
    • Must be minimum of 500 words
    • Must include the grade earned on the English paper along with the teacher’s comments
  • One academic reference from a teacher in a core subject (i.e. math, English, history, science)
    • Preferably a teacher from senior year

3. Complete an interview

  • Students will be notified within 1 week if they are invited to interview.
  • In response to COVID-19, all interviews will be conducted through video chat until further notice.
  • Interview Attire – This is a formal college interview. Please dress as you would for a college/job interview.
  • Interview Length – The interview will take approximately 20–30 minutes. 

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Test Optional Admission contact

Image of Hannah Bradford

Hannah Bradford

Director of Admissions

Frequently Asked Questions:

I'm accepted! What's next? 

Congratulations on your acceptance! The next step is to put down a housing deposit and reserve your spot in the dorms. Your SAT/ACT score will be used for placement into math, English, and some science courses. For some students, this could mean placement into remedial level math/English courses. Please check the requirements for your major in the JBU catalog or contact Christa to map out your first semester.

I've already been accepted but can I keep taking the SAT/ACT/CLT? 

Yes, you can take the SAT/ACT/CLT as many times as you'd like. Some students may have other commitments that require a certain ACT/SAT/CLT score such as state scholarship requirements, course requirements, NAIA eligibility etc. The deadline for JBU academic scholarships is February 15.

For which scholarships/financial aid am I eligible? 

Academic scholarships start with a 20 ACT/1030 SAT/66 CLT. Students will less than a 20/1030/66 may consider the Community Changers Scholarship. Students with financial need may also be considered for need-based scholarships, work-study, and federal loans and grants. Please see JBU's financial aid page for more information.