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Why transfer to JBU?

  • JBU will support your spiritual and academic growth
  • JBU professors will personally invest in your success
  • JBU offers generous financial aid to transfer students

Am I considered a transfer student?

  • Have you completed high school?
  • By the time you enroll at JBU, will you have earned 24 hours of college credit?

You're considered a transfer student if you answered "yes" to both of those questions.

If you answered "no" to either, then you're likely a first-time college student. But don't worry – you don't have to be a transfer student to bring in credit. Any dual enrollment coursework and alternative credit from AP, CLEP or IB exams will still be evaluated for credit at JBU.

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JBU made the process of transferring so easy. My admission counselor was so helpful in the process, particularly because she was not only familiar with the variety of requirements, but also because she was familiar with the state of Texas and even my specific community college.

Sharon Hayford

Class of 2017