Missionary Kids

JBU admissions information for MK students

Going to college in the U.S. can seem intimidating, but we're excited that you're considering JBU. We're here to partner with you as you as work to honor God and serve others in your academic, spiritual and professional life.

JBU is great place for MKs:

  • Over 50 countries represented on campus
  • Almost eight percent of students are MKs
  • Our Missionaries in Residence are here to support you
  • Christ Over All: our motto is literal, and you'll find our Christian mission integrated across our entire campus.

We know admissions can be extra complicated for missionary families, and that's why Samantha Linder—your personal admissions counselor—will help you navigate the process at JBU.

Request more information and personal advice from the MK admissions counselor:


The Top 5 Perks of MK Life at JBU:

1. Affordability and Scholarships: JBU is committed to being affordable for MKs. JBU offers a need-based MK scholarship. Additionally, students may be eligible for federal aid and academic / performance-based scholarships.

2. Diverse Community: Over 15% of JBU students grew up outside the U.S., with over 100 MKs currently at JBU.

3. Missionaries in Residence: Each year, JBU hosts a different missionary couple who become "Aunt and Uncle" to the MKs. The MIRs often have MKs over to their home for dinner, send them birthday cards in the mail and help advocate for missions at JBU.

4. Mu Kappa: A ministry to serve and unite the MK and international community. Annual events include a goat roast, float trip, ice skating and camping trips.

5. MK & International Orientation: 3-day freshman orientation designed to help MKs and Internationals get to know each other and adjust to life at JBU.


Check out the annual MK Float Trip



An MK Student:

Elisa Neibling

"I have absolutely loved being an MK here at JBU. They really strive to create an environment that is a home away from home. There are so many MKs here that it is easy to fit in and feel like there are people who can understand where you are coming from.  The community is so much bigger than most would think, and it has such a family atmosphere.  Everyone just understands each other, and it really is a place to be comfortable."

—Elisa Neibling / MK from The Philippines / Class of 2015

An MK parent:

"The high percentage of MKs and international students has made JBU an even better fit for our daughter. She has found supportive MKs to hang out with and a good number of activities in which to participate. The MK resident family provides activities and a safe place that help her to feel a little more at home. Knowing that these dependable people are there has given us peace about being so far away. The biggest blessing to me is that JBU has stayed true to its strong spiritual mission. It is evident that Jesus Christ makes a difference on this campus. We are thrilled that the leadership of the school has created this environment that is a perfect place for MKs to transition back to the U.S., THANK YOU, JBU!"