Hannah Bradford

Counselor for Transfer Students

Call & Text: 479.310.5313

Toll Free: 1.877.528.4636

Email: Hannah@jbu.edu

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Where are you from? Owasso, OK

What activities were you involved with at JBU? I was a chapel worship leader,  worked with kids in Watts, OK in an after-school program called Impact, was involved in Passion Bible studies, and always played intramural soccer.

Major in college? Children & Family Ministries with a minor in Worship Ministries

Why are you working at JBU? At John Brown I discovered a genuine community of people who were striving to advance the kingdom of God by teaching and modeling that Christ is Lord and King over every aspect of life.  I was so deeply affected as a student    of John Brown that I wanted to share my experience with others.

What's one word or phrase that describes you? The girl with brown hair and freckles who smiles a lot...

What is your favorite thing to do in NWA? I love being outside.  The weather and landscape of the area is especially beautiful in the fall.  You should come visit!

What are some movies you enjoy? I love anything that doesn't scare the pants right off of me and makes me a little misty-eyed at the end.  Little Women is the only movie that I will watch over and over.  It luckily fits both of my criteria. 

Describe your family: My family consists of a husband named Andrew and two vizslas named Josie and Pongo.  We live in Siloam Springs and are enjoying putting roots down in the area.  I am the oldest of four kids - all of which are currently attending JBU.

What quick advice would you give an incoming JBU student? Get ready to jump in with both feet.  You will probably never have this opportunity again and JBU has so much to offer.  Come check us out!



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