Daniel George

Admissions Counselor for students from Kansas, Colorado, the Western US and transfer students from Northwest Arkansas

479-888-5547 (voice & text)

Get to know Daniel

Daniel George, JBU Admissions CounselorWhere are you from? Springdale, AR

Major in college? Christian Ministry & Formation

What activities were you involved in at JBU? For 3 years, I was a committed member of Hutcheson Hall’s Resident Assistant staff, 2 of those years as an RA and 1 as the Assistant Resident Director. Also, I auditioned for a play one time!

Why are you working at JBU? The Lord absolutely transformed my life during my time at JBU.

What’s your favorite thing to do in NWA? My wife and I absolutely love spending time in the great outdoors. Whether it’s hiking, going on a float trip, or just enjoying a good old fashioned picnic, we simply cannot get enough of the Lord’s creation, especially in a place as beautiful as the Ozarks. We also both love food, so exploring the wide variety of restaurants from Bentonville to Fayetteville is always a fun time.

What’s one word or phrase that describes you? Real-Life Cartoon Character

What are some movies you enjoy? I’m a true 90’s kid at heart, so anything with slapstick comedy and/or a large amount of musical numbers is right up my alley. I also have an entire list of movies I enjoy watching because they’re “so bad they’re good”. Star Wars, Lord of the Rings, and That Thing You Do are yearly traditions in the George household.

Describe your family: My wife and I have a passion for God’s Kingdom, a hunger for adventure, and a heart for welcoming others into our home. We can often be found enjoying the Great Outdoors or playing board games with our close friends!

What quick advice would you give an incoming JBU student? Take time to reflect on the work God is doing in your life. Every single day of your college experience, God is giving you countless moments of learning, growth, and joy; don’t let them pass you by. Thank Him for the incredible days, and thank Him for the difficult trials, because each of these moments are powerfully used by God to equip you for the next step in your journey.