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write. analyze. communicate. present.

4+1 = your master's degree

Go farther, faster! At JBU, our Accelerated Master's Program lets you finish your undergraduate degree and your master's degree in just five years — saving you money and setting you up for even more success.

Study abroad

Semester at Oxford University

Travel to Oxford, England for a semester at Oxford University. Work with an expert in your field of study, research in their renowned library and attend weekly lectures by the most brilliant minds, all for JBU credit.

Semester in Spain

Immerse yourself in Spanish culture for a semester in Seville: live with a Spanish family, take classes from native professors and learn through excursions and service all for JBU credit.

Semester in Ecuador

The Living and Learning Program takes you to the culturally rich and equally diverse nation of Ecuador where you can live with a host family in Quito, interact with locals, and learn about their economics and modern social life.

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