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Why Hire JBU Grads?

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JBU CareerLink

JBU Students -- Career Development has a new career and job board called JBU CareerLink! All students are set up with a FREE account, you just need to set your password. On the new site, you can search for jobs and internships. You can upload your resume and other documents for review by the CDC staff and then use them to apply for jobs - directly on the site! You can learn more about your interest and what careers might fit you best with "Career Finder" or learn about different careers with "Career Explorer". Wherever you are at in your career journey -- JBU CareerLink can help! See your JBU e-mail for instructions on setting up your account or e-mail CDC@jbu.edu to learn more.

Employers - see the link above or on the employer page to sign-up! 

See a listing of current JBU CareerLink job postings below: