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Every year, over one hundred John Brown University students study abroad for a summer or semester. These students explore subjects from Irish literature to European art, sustainable ecology, and international business. Some participate in mission trips that meet the educational or medical needs of children. Wherever they go, JBU students reach outside of their comfort zones and return with valuable skills and experiences from across the world.

Studying internationally is one of the most valuable, life-changing experiences that you can have during your time at John Brown University. Students who experience a different culture develop self-confidence and are better prepared to thrive in today's global economy. More importantly, cross-cultural experiences challenge students to learn more about themselves and deepen their relationship with God as they see their lives in a global context.

If you’re considering studying abroad at JBU, read on for specific links and information for our summer and semester programs. If you have any further questions, please don’t hesitate to contact the International Programs department. We look forward to exploring the world with you!

Summer International Studies Programs

John Brown University operates several summer study programs that are taught and led by JBU professors. These programs consist of four to six weeks opportunities, and students earn between six and nine hours of college credit.

Application for Summer Undergraduate International Studies Programs

JBU Undergraduate Programs

JBU Graduate Programs

Please acquire application for teams from your Graduate Studies advisor. 


Semester International Studies Programs

JBU Semester in Ireland

John Brown University operates a semester-long program in Belfast, Northern Ireland. Each fall, fifteen JBU students travel throughout Ireland while studying Irish culture, politics, economy, art, literature, and the Christian faith. Students stay at JBU’s own Lakeside Manor, located just four miles from Belfast city-centre. Students earn fifteen hours of JBU credit toward their core curriculum and/or major requirements. (Fall term only)

Application for Semester in Ireland


CCCU  Affiliated Study Abroad Programs

You will join students from other Christian colleges for an exciting term. For semester programs (not summer), financial aid may apply. Detailed information on each program can also be found at the CCCU's web site, BestSemester

Domestic Programs

International Programs


Other Off-Campus Programs

NOTE: It's always best to check with your advisor and the designated campus contact for the program you are interested in BEFORE you apply. They can help you work out details like credit transfer and financial aid.  Please feel free to email Mindi Stevenson for any assistance in the process.


For more information about JBU's international studies programs, contact:
Mindi Stevenson
International Education Coordinator
John Brown University

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