WRITER BEWARE: No citation generator is perfect. You are ultimately responsible for the proper citation of sources in your papers, so you will need to check and correct any citations created with any of these tools. Think of these tools as a starting point, not a replacement for learning how to create citations yourself. See the resources on the cite your sources page to learn about various citation styles. 

Library Databases

Almost all library databases have a citation feature that will create bibliographic citations following the style of your choice, which you can then copy and paste into your bibliography or email to yourself. Look for the word "Cite" next to the record for an individual item. It usually appears somewhere on the right side of the webpage.


Zotero is a high-powered tool for collecting, organizing, and citing your sources. It integrates with your internet browser and word processor to capture bibliographic information about your sources and help formulate citations. The software and a basic online account are free (extra online storage available by subscription). Highly recommended, especially for extended projects like capstones. 


ZoteroBib is an easy to use web-based bibliography generator powered by Zotero. 

Google Scholar

Google Scholar can build citations for MLA, APA, and Chicago for free. After searching for an article or a book, click on quotation mark icon underneath the entry. 

You can access JBU library resources through Google Scholar if you are on campus or you have configured your settings to show JBU holdings. See more information here.