How to Use the Writing Center

This step-by-step guide will show you how to use the Writing Center online scheduler for both face-to-face and online writing consultations. 

1.  Create an account for the Writing Center.

The first time you use the Writing Center appointment software, follow the link to register for an account.

Writing center login page with new user registration link highlighted.

2. Select an available timeslot.

Click on a white square on the schedule to select a timeslot and make your appointment. All appointment times are displayed in Central Standard Time.

 Scheduler screen indicating available appointment.

3. Fill in the appointment request.

Be sure to indicate whether you wish to meet face-to-face at the Writing Center (strongly recommended for traditional undergraduate students) or online (for those unable to come to campus).

If your instructor has required you to come to the Writing Center or is offering extra credit for doing so, fill in the instructor’s email address on the appointment form so that your instructor will receive a report of your visit.

Appointment request form showing the option to meet face-to-face or online.

4. Attach documents to your appointment.

Click on the yellow folder icon at the top of the schedule page to attach documents to your appointment. You can use this to share a copy of the assignment description with your writing consultant and/or to provide a rough draft. This is not required, but you will have a more effective consultation if you provide these documents to your consultant in advance.

Screenshot of scheduler page highlighting the link for attaching documents to an appointment. 

5. Come to your appointment.

If you registered for a face-to-face appointment, come to LRC 131 (in the Library) at the appointed time. Bring your draft and assignment description.

If you registered for an online appointment, either use the link on your reminder email or log back in to your Writing Center account a few minutes before your appointment time. Click on your timeslot on the schedule display to open your appointment form. Next click the red words “Start or Join Online Consultation” to enter the chat room. 

Screenshot of appointment form showing link to enter online chat room.

In the chat room, you’ll be able to upload or copy and paste paragraphs of your writing into the document collaboration whiteboard so that you and your consultant can view and interact with it together. The text chat on the right side of screen gives you a place to have a conversation with your writing consultant about how to strengthen your writing.

Screenshot of the writing center chat room for online consultations.

6. Receive your client report.

After your appointment, you will receive an email from your consultant with recommendations for further revision.

7. Complete the student satisfaction survey.

You will also receive a link by email inviting you to complete a survey about your experience with the writing center. Please let us know your thoughts; it helps us improve our service.

8. Repeat!

We encourage students to schedule an appointment well before assignments are due so that we can help you with multiple drafts of a document in process.