Questions to Ask

Make the most of your visit with the right questions

As you are in the process of deciding on a college, visiting campus is an important step! When visitors come to JBU, we encourage them to ask questions–not just of the Admissions staff, but of anyone they encounter on campus. Below is a list of questions that you may want to ask at any college you may visit. They can help you discern and shape and idea of the type of program, school and education that will be best for you.


What is the average class size of introductory classes?

What is the average class size of upper-division courses?

Is there a maximum class size?

How widely used are teaching assistants on your campus?

How many students return after their freshman year?

What is your four-year graduation rate? What is your six-year graduation rate?

How do you provide academic advice to students?

Are all freshmen assigned to an academic advisor?

How much help outside of the classroom do you get from professors?

Is there a core curriculum or set of distribution requirements? What are they?

How much freedom is there in choosing courses?

Does the school have a “freshman experience,” seminar that everyone takes, or an intensive first-year advising program?

What activities and services are available to help students get settled (academically and socially) during their first year?

Student Life

What housing options exist?

What percentage of students live on campus?

Can freshmen have cars on campus? What is the fee for having a car on campus?

Is chapel attendance required? What is chapel like?

What is the school’s mission statement? Does it meet your expectations and/or experience?

Do you require a statement of faith or student covenant?

What meal plans are available? Are freshmen required to purchase a specific type of meal plan?

Do the meal plans provide menus for special diets (vegetarian, kosher, ethnic, allergies, etc.)?

Are there on-going building projects around campus? (This is a good thing as it signals growth.)

What percentage of graduates find jobs within a few months after graduating?

Are there any student ministry opportunities? Missions trips? 


What is the yearly cost of attendance, including books, tuition, fees, housing and meal plans? In other words, what is the all-inclusive cost?

What is your average freshman financial aid package?

What is the average student loan debt?

What is the loan default rate for undergraduate students?

What is the size of the endowment?

What are the deadlines for scholarships and financial aid?

What is the debt/asset ratio of the institution?