Interactive Livestream Campus Visits

Find out if JBU is a good fit

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COVID-19 is making it tough to visit colleges.
And sure, you can watch a virtual tour, but it's just not the same.

That's why JBU is offering something new.

Livestream Campus Tours

Includes live video chat with professors

Interactive livestream campus tour with an admissions counselor

Time to discuss your questions about:

  • Admissions and financial aid
  • Majors and careers
  • Campus life, faith and more

Video chats with:

  • Professors
  • Students
  • Coaches and other staff

Links to view recorded chapels and classes

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JBU Zoom Sessions

Interactive information sessions

No Zoom Sessions are scheduled at this time. Check back later.

Choosing a college is a big decision, and the coronavirus makes it even tougher, but we're here to support you. We hope to see you soon!

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JBU faculty and staff will be bringing you encouraging messages from their porches during this uncertain and socially restrictive time.

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