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Ambassador Schedule

Preview Days

We ask that each Ambassador participates in a minimum of two Preview Days each semester.  We understand it can be a demanding time commitment, so we do not require Ambassadors to house for each Preview Day.  Should you take on this role, it is crucial to communicate with your Team Leader promptly whether or not you plan on housing for the upcoming Preview Day in order for us to secure accommodations for our guests.

Ambassadors must live on campus in order to house guests.

Living off-campus?  You can still help!  Many of our visiting students choose to come for Sunday evening events but stay the night in a hotel or with family off-campus.  If you live off-campus, we would still love your help to welcome students from Sunday dinner until they depart after the Gathering.


 Fall 2017
 Spring 2018
 September 17-18
 January 14-15
 October 8-9
 February 11-12 (Spring Scholarship Event)*
 October 29-30 (Texas Fly-in)
 February 18-19
 November 12-13 (Fall Scholarship Event)*
 March 11-12
 November 19-20
 April 8-9
 December 3-4


*Scholarship Weekends differ from typical Preview Days.  These weekends are set apart for students who have already been accepted and are competing for academic awards.  We always need extra help for these events as we expect a high number of students to attend and stay on campus.  This year, we have added an additional Scholarship Weekend in order to increase and improve this process.  Details and info of these schedules will be notified closer to each event.


Preview Day Schedule for Ambassadors:


5:15       Check in (Simmons Room A)

5:45       Meet and sit with your Guest!  (Simmons Great Hall)     

6:00       Welcome & Dinner        

7:30       After dinner fun!  Location TBA             

9:00       The Gathering - JBU Chapel Service

9:45       Guests staying ON campus: taken back to Ambassador’s dorm.  Settle in and sleep.  Guests staying OFF campus: should make arrangements to be taken where they’re staying for the night.       

Monday (only applies to guests staying ON campus)

7:30       Breakfast           

8:30       Devotions and Welcome (Simmons Great Hall A)

(After breakfast, guests will be hosted by the Admissions staff for the rest of the day.  Guest luggage and air mattresses can be dropped off in the Chancellor's Dining Room before 8:30.)


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