Frequently Asked Questions

JBU ambassadors

Where does my guest sleep?

We ask that our guests NEVER sleep on the floor.  If you have an available couch, futon, or extra bed, that’s always preferred.  We also have a (limited) supply of air mattress available on a first-come-first-serve basis.  The guests are instructed to bring their own pillow and sleeping bag.  It’s not required for Ambassadors, but it never hurts to have extra sheets or blankets if possible!

Where should my guest take his/her luggage on Monday?

The Chancellor’s Dining Room (room next to Simmons Conference Room A) will be open for students to store their luggage.  Drop it off before devotions at 8:30am.

If I borrow an air mattress, where should I return it?

Please return borrowed air mattresses along with the student’s luggage to the Chancellor’s Dining room on Monday morning.

If you forget or are unable to bring the mattress on Monday morning, please return it AS SOON AS POSSIBLE to the Admissions building on the southeast corner of campus (across the street from the Cathedral).  There will be someone at the front desk available between 9am and 5pm, Monday-Friday.

What if I can’t make it to the Preview Day I initially committed to?

If for an unexpected reason you cannot attend the Preview Day you originally signed up for, we ask that you take initiative to find someone on your team to cover for you.  Please try to find someone who is on your own team, or already an Ambassador.  Treat this as you would a job—if you can’t come, you need to be the one to find someone to fill in and then notify your Team Leader.

Can I sign up in the middle of the semester?

YES!  We welcome applicants year-round. 

Does my roommate need to be an Ambassador as well?

No.  However, it is helpful to make sure your roommate is comfortable with using your room to house guests.  It’s always a good idea to notify your roommate in advance and make sure your shared space is available to welcome your student.

Do I have to house for every Preview Day?

No. This year, we are requiring Ambassadors to commit to a minimum of TWO Preview Days each semester.  There are eleven Preview Days offered this year.  You are more than welcome to house more than twice, but as a minimum, being a part of the Ambassador team requires that you commit to at least two Preview Days per semester.

Do I have to go to breakfast with my student?

We ask that you do attend breakfast with your student in time for him/her to be at devotions by 8:30am.  However, if you have a conflict such as work study or an 8:00 class, we understand prior commitments come first!  If you are unable to attend breakfast, please make sure your student feels comfortable finding his/her way to the caf and knows where to drop off his/her luggage. 

If possible, arrange with an available neighbor or friend, who is also an Ambassador, to attend breakfast with your student.  Team work makes the dream work!

When do I get my super cool and soft Ambassador Shirt?

Our goal is to have the first shipment of shirts in before the September Preview Day.  If you have already committed to two Preview Days, you will receive your shirt as soon as we get the shipment in!

Do I need to wear my shirt to Preview Days?

Yes! This helps students and parents know who to ask for help around campus, and it gives you the excuse to wear your super cool and soft tee.